Advanced GET EOD - Toolbars

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Advanced GET - Toolbars

Adding Toolbars
Advanced GET- EOD has 7 toolbars, all of which can be moved and contents changed. All of the toolbars are listed under the View Menu. Any toolbar that has a check before it will be viewed on the screen.

Modifying the Contents of a Toolbar
To modify the contents of a toolbar, you have to right click on the separator line before each toolbar to get the Customize Toolbar window. You will then have the option to add or remove toolbar buttons as needed.


Changing Line Properties
To change the properties of lines drawn manually on the screen, just right click on the line to access the properties of that particular line tool.

Redocking Toolbars
Click on the View menu at the top of the screen and select Dock All Toolbars. This will bring all of the active toolbars to their default locations.