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Boomerang Day Trader
Boomerang Day Trader offers the day trader a unique and very easy to learn trading system that gives cutting edge advantages in making profitable trades. Boomerang is a top selling system used by thousands of traders globally with confidence to trade the US stock index futures, currencies, high volume stocks and ETFs.  Precision Bias Indicators let you see clearly into the price movements identifying divergence, exhaustion levels and Elliot Wave patterns. Built in "Runner Alert" system giving advance warning of larger scale market moves not seen in any other system on the market. 
Known for being one of the easiest day trading systems to learn. On going FREE bi-weekly training classes by Mohan, the developer. Go to to view past training webinars.
Click here to view a video overview of Boomerang Day Trader.  
How to Subscribe
To add the Boomerang Day Trader Study to your eSignal Subscription, click eSignal Apps icon from the eSignal 12 main menu (requires eSignal 12.2 or newer):
Select eSignal App Store from the dropdown menu:
locate boomerang Day Trader and click Add Now (subscription fees apply).
Applying the Indicator to a Chart
Right-click anywhere in the chart window and select Insert Study.  Choose the Add-on Studies tab and expand the Boomerang Day Trader menu by clicking the drop down triangle.  Select the study you wish to use then click Apply.
Here is a sample of a chart with several of the Boomerang Day Trader studies applied:
support and Training
For Bi Weekly training classes on how to trade successfully with Boomerang Day Trader please go to: to sign up and receive notices, view previous training webinars and short video tutorials.


To receive a copy of the PDF showing the Method/Rules for Boomerang please contact the developer at: