Boomerang Day Trader

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Boomerang Day Trader offers the day trader a unique and very easy to learn trading system that gives cutting edge advantages in making profitable trades. Boomerang is a top selling system used by thousands of traders globally with confidence to trade the US stock index futures, currencies, high volume stocks and ETFs.

  • Boomerang Day Trader gives you crystal clear, exact trade entries with precision stops and target gains with a very high % degree of winning trades unseen in the trading industry.
  • Known for being one of the easiest day trading systems to learn. On going FREE bi-weekly training classes by Mohan, the developer. Go to to view past training webinars.
  • Precision Bias Indicators let you see clearly into the price movements identifying divergence, exhaustion levels and Elliot Wave patterns
  • Built in “Runner Alert” system giving advance warning of larger scale market moves not seen in any other system on the market. You will be amazed by Boomerang’s accuracy.

Note: To receive a copy of the PDF showing the Method/Rules for Boomerang please contact the developer at: