Advanced GET EOD Prime

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Advanced GET EOD Prime is an end of day product offering based on eSignal. Featuring a data download tool, this product can be used offline without the need of an internet connection. 

To install the program, visit the download page:

Under the section for Advanced GET EOD Prime, click the 64-bit button.

USB Security Key Requirement

Please keep in mind that Advanced GET EOD Prime requires a USB security key that is included with the purchase. We will ship the key to the mailing address on file once your purchase is complete. You'll need to insert the USB security key into your pc or laptop prior to launching eSignal. 

If the security key is not plugged in, you will receive the following error message:


When you first launch the program, a message will prompt you to download data. You can opt to check or uncheck certain data types (i.e. stocks, futures, etc.). Please ensure that your hard drive can accommodate the file size. Click the start button to begin the data download:


This initial download may take up to 1 hour or more depending on your internet speed.  


Once the download is complete, you can begin using the program. Keep in mind that after each new trading day you'll need to perform a new data download. To update new data, click the eS icon and select Download Data.  Alternatively, you can click the refresh icon on the status bar towards the lower right:

Note: eSignal specific windows that require tick data such as time & sales, market depth, market profile, etc. are not available.



Is integrated trading or news and research available? 

No, these features are not included.

What time frames are available for charting?

60 minute, daily, weekly and monthly intervals are available. Intervals smaller than 60 minutes will not work. 

How often can the data be updated during a trading session?

It can be updated once every hour during a trading session by selecting the update icon. For example, US stock prices can be updated after 10:30 EST, 11:30 EST, etc.

Will my custom EFS studies be available?

Yes, however, encrypted EFS studies that require authentication from the vendor will only be available in online mode.

Can I do a symbol search while offline?

No, symbol search is only available while online.