Advanced GET Add-on Studies Manual - pdf

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Advanced GET Studies

The Advanced GET Studies provide unique insights into technical analysis. Taken together, they can provide an objective, rule-based approach to trading. Adapted from a variety of techniques, the Advanced GET Studies were developed to assist the professional trader time entries and exits, tighten stops and identify new trading opportunities. The Advanced GET Studies now available as an add-on service to your eSignal subscription are:

Bias Reversal Make or Break (MOB)
Elliott Trigger Optimized Parabolic
Elliott Wave Price Clusters
Ellipse Time and Price Squares
eXpert Trend Locator (XTL) Time Clusters
False Bar Stochastic TJ’s Web
Gann Box Trade Profile
Joseph Trend Index (JTI) Smart Pivots

For complete documentation on these Advanced GET add-on Studies, please click here
For a PDF of the Advanced GET User's Guide, please click here.