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General News Information

Is News Delayed?

We are often asked if there is any delay when sending out News on eSignal. In terms of our processing, we do not pace or intentionally delay any of our News sources. News stories will be received by eSignal and then distributed to subscribers within seconds. In other words, we send the headline or story as soon as we get it. 

In terms of the News sources (i.e. Dow Jones, PR Newswire, etc.), the timeliness varies. We suggest you try the services that appeal to your needs and determine for yourself whether their information is a good fit. You may also want to contact the source directly for specific details of their distribution methodology. We are confident that we've partnered with many of the leading News providers available today.

How much News history is stored?

We currently keep 90 days of history on all News sources. Our goal is to expand this history to 1 year and possibly longer. We need to redesign our current News database in order to expand our history so the project will take some time.