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Symbols Guide - North American Equities

New York Stock Exchange
The NYSE is the world's leading and most technologically advanced equities market.  A broad spectrum of market participants, including listing companies, individual investors, institutional investors and member firms, create the NYSE market.  Buyers and sellers meet directly in a fair, open and orderly market to access the best possible price through the interplay of supply and demands. 

The NYSE strives to be an educator and a resource for the investment community. To achieve that goal, we have created a special section for novice investors, a designated area for the press, easy access to market data, and links to NYSE listed company websites.

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NASDAQ Stock Exchange
As the world's leading private-sector provider of financial regulatory services, Nasdaq has helped bring integrity to the markets - and confidence to investors - for more than 60 years.  Since its introduction as the worlds first electronic stock market, Nasdaq has been at the forefront of innovation. Now Nasdaq is the fastest growing major stock market in the world - and home to over half of the companies traded on the primary U.S. markets.

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American Stock Exchange
As the nations second largest floor-based exchange, the American Stock Exchange has a significant presence in common stocks, index shares and equity derivative securities. On the Amex, trading is conducted through an advanced centralized Specialist system combining the speed of computer delivered orders with the liquidity of customer driven markets. Today, Amex is on the leading edge of exchanges worldwide in developing successful new investment products and innovative services for companies and investors.

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TSX Group
TSX Group, which includes the Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, TSX Markets and TSX Datalinx, collectively manages all aspects of Canada's senior and junior capital markets. TSX Group is a Canadian leader in the global industry, offering clients quality products and always striving to exceed your expectations.

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Bulletin Boards & OTC (Over-The-Counter) Stock
A regulated electronic trading service offered by the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD) that shows real-time quotes, last-sale prices, and volume information for over-the-counter (OTC) equity securities. An OTC security generally is not listed or traded on any other national securities exchange including Nasdaq. OTC securities include national, regional and foreign equity issues, warrants, units, American depositary receipts (ADRs) and direct participation programs (DPPs).

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All Equities
If you do not know or can not locate the symbol you are searching for, please check the A to Z symbol lookup link below.  This alphabetical listing is periodically updated to provide our customers a quick one-stop place to search for ticker symbols.

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Symbol Search Engine
To access the Symbol Search engine in eSignal 7.7+, either hit the Symbol Lookup icon

click on File, New, Symbol Search.  Please refer to Article#1642.