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Data - Splits and Dividends

Stock Splits and Dividends
Our QA Department gets a daily list of upcoming splits and adjustments and will manually adjust the history data (daily data) as close to the effective date as possible. If a day or two passes and it appears we have missed a split or adjustment, please submit the missing Stock Splits via our 
Bad Tick Reporter. In general, we do not adjust for dividends. The exception is a high profile and/or significant dividend like the $3 payout Microsoft issued sometime back.

Why are the splits not properly being reflected on the Charts?
There may be a conflict between QCharts and your PC clock. Logout of QCharts and shut down the application.  Verify the PC date and Time to make sure that it is current. Then delete the CorpActs.inf file which contains the Stock Split information in QCharts.
The CorpActs.inf file is typically found in C:\Program Files\\QCharts on your computer. You may also find it if you right click the QCharts icon on your desktop and then select Properties; in the Shortcut tab, select Find Target which is located in the bottom third of the properties window. In the following window, scroll to the CorpActs.inf file and right click it and select delete.  Close out of the target and properties windows.  Restart QCharts.
Once you restart QCharts, a refreshed CorpActs.inf file will be download from our servers.

If you would like to report a Data Integrity Issue, please make sure you have the following information.

1. Symbol Affected
2. Time Interval

Please click here to report your data correction.

Windows Vista Issue

If you are on Vista, you'll need to run QCharts in XP compatability mode and also as an administrator.  Please click here to see the article on QCharts Compatibility with Windows Vista.