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qcharts - quote sheet window

this article provides an overview for using the quote sheet window in qcharts.

opening a quote sheet window
there are two ways a user can open a quote sheet window.  the first way is shown below by selecting file from the main menu and clicking new, quote sheet.

the last way is by using the shortcut button  at the top of qcharts.

adding column headers to a quote sheet window 
right-clicking the heading of a column allows one to choose from a multitude of fields in a cascade menu. you can select any of these fields to place in the column header where you right clicked.  after the new column header has been added you can drag the column heading right or left to reposition it.  you can also left click the column header to sort your quote sheet window by that column header.  you can learn about each column header by clicking here.

adding symbols to a quote sheet window
you can add symbols by just clicking on an empty cell, then typing the symbols and pressing enter on your keyboard.  you can modify the content of a quote sheet window by right clicking on the quote sheet window and select from the insert, delete, clear, and edit menus. you can also drag symbols up or down the quote sheet window to reposition them.

quote sheet window right-click menu
upon right-clicking the quote sheet window, you will see the following menu.

add alert
this option allows you to set an alert for the symbol you right clicked on.

this option allows you to open a new window.

this option allows you to import a hotlist, option chain or sector list on a quote sheet window. (caution: doing this will replace all symbols that are on the quote sheet.)  

this option allows you to change the font and colors in the quote sheet window.  it also allows you to turn on/off display leading zeros. 

what is the purpose of "displaying leading zeros?
the purpose of the "display leading zeros" feature is to remove any zeros that may be to the left of the decimal point.  this occurs primarily for stocks and option issues that trade under $1 in price.  the resulting price will be displayed as an integer rather than a decimalzied number.

this option allows you to change the title on your quote sheet window. it also lets you edit the symbol or portfolio position for the symbol you right clicked on.  

there are five options you can export:

data - which will allow you to export the data out of the quote sheet window and save it as three file types .prn, .csv and .txt. 

image - which will allow you to save a screenshot of the quote sheet window. 

quotefile - which allows you to save the symbols as well as the colors and column headers. a quotefile is saved as a .quo file.
symbol - which allows you to save the symbols only that are on the quote sheet window. a symbol file is saved as a .sym file.

symbols plus totals & comments - which allows you to save the symbols as well as any total or comment rows you may have on your quote sheet.

this option allows you to open any previously saved quotefiles or symbol lists.

this option will allow you to save a chart window in terms of color, font, and feature settings so that this layout can be applied to new chart windows.