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We provide free news as well as add-on news services. Free news comes in the form of Factiva news and can be access via the News Window. To access the news window select New from the main menu followed by News.  A keyboard shortcut (control +7) is also available.


In the title bar you can specify both the symbol as well as news service you wish to follow. Use the drop down menu to access a list of previously viewed symbols. If you wish to view all headlines, clear the existing symbol by highlighting it and pressing Delete then Enter

News Service

Use the drop down menu to select a specific news service. This menu is tied to your service entitlements which means it will only display news services that you are subscribed to.  Select All Services to display headlines for all the news services that you are subscribed to. 

Click the filter icon to expand the filter menu. This menu allows you to specify a category using the drop down menu. In addition you can run a keyword search of existing headlines. The keyword search has a toggle to switch from any or all of these words. Days back allows you to view historical headlines from up to 15 days prior. 

Read Story
Each headline displayed will carry a timestamp along with the name of the news service that originated the headline. Double click the headline to view the story if one is available. You can also right click a headline and select Read to launch the story window. 

News Properties
From the main menu select News, Properties to access this menu (or highlight the news window and press alt + enter).

Default row
Flash news
Grid lines

Default Row
The default row menu allows you to specify the font type and size along with a button for bold and italics.  There are 4 color settings which include text and background.  Background #2 is used if you want alternating colors for each row.  The alternating colors will not include flash news headlines (described below).  Read news text will change the color of the headline text after the story has been read (by double clicking the headline or choosing read from the right click menu). 

Flash News
Use this menu to specify the font type and size for flash news (along with a button for bold and italics).  adjusting the text and background colors is also available.

Any headline with an * in front is considered flash news. Typically these are headlines only (with the stories added later) that allows news vendors to quickly put out news before an accompanying story is ready. 

Grid Lines
Use this menu to change the grid line color or turn grid lines off by unchecking horizontal grid lines. 

News Codes
Each News service will have a service code as shown here:
Service Code Description
BW Business Wire
CT Comtex News Service
PC Comtex Public Companies (PubCo) Newswire
AL Dow Jones Ag Market Commentary   
CA Dow Jones Commodities AgriWire
CB Dow Jones Commodities Basic
CM Dow Jones Commodities Metals Wire
CX Dow Jones Commodities miniFin
CS Dow Jones Commodities Service
EN Dow Jones Energy News
DQ Dow Jones Equity News
DS Dow Jones European Spotlight
DF Dow Jones Global Equities News
ER Dow Jones Global FX & Fixed Income News
DN_STORY Dow Jones Global News Select
DN Dow Jones Global News Select (Headlines Only)
DJ_STORY Dow Jones News Service
DJ Dow Jones News Service (Headlines Only)
DP Dow Jones Professional Investor Report
DT Dow Jones Real-Time News for Investors
DR Dow Jones Regulatory News Service (RNS)
DU Dow Jones UK Disclosure Wire
MF eSignal Test News 1
N1 eSignal Test News 2
N2 eSignal Test News 3
HI Hightower Headlines
HT Hightower Report - FS
MN Market News Publishing
MW MarketWatch.Com News Service
LB MT Newswires Live Briefs Pro
OE OPIS East of Rockies Spot Commentary 
OF OPIS Feedstocks Commentary 
OL OPIS LP Commentary 
OW OPIS West Coast Spot Commentary 
P9 Platts - PBF - Biofuels News
P8 Platts - PCA - Petrochemical Alert
PA Platts - PEA - McGraw-Hill's Electricity Alert
PB Platts - PEP - European Power Alert
P0 Platts - PES - Spark Spreads US
PD Platts - PGA - Global Alert
PE Platts - PGB - Bunkers Service
PG Platts - PGF - Feedstock Service
PI Platts - PGL - LP Gas Service
PJ Platts - PGN - Inside FERC Natural Gas Svc
PK Platts - PGR - US Rack Service
PL Platts - PGT - Clean Tanker Wire
P2 Platts - PMA - Metals Alert
PN Platts - PPA - Forward Curve-Oil-Asia
P3 Platts - PPD - PFC Base
PP Platts - PPE - Forward Curve-Oil-EMEA
P7 Platts - PPN - Petroleum News
PQ Platts - PPU - Forward Curve-Oil-Americas
PS Platts - PWA - Asia Pacific MarketScan
PT Platts - PWB - BunkerWire
PU Platts - PWC - Crude Oil MarketWire
PV Platts - PWD - Dirty Tanker Wire
PW Platts - PWE - European MarketScan
PY Platts - PWF - Feedstock Wire
PH Platts - PWG - Asian Petrochemicalscan Wire
PF Platts - PWH - Europe and Americas Petchemscan Wire
P1 Platts - PWL - LP Gas Wire
Z2 Platts - PWO - Olefinscan Wire 
Z0 Platts - PWP - Polymerscan Wire
P4 Platts - PWR - Latin American Wire
Z1 Platts - PWS - Solventwire Wire
P5 Platts - PWT - Clean Tanker Wire
P6 Platts - PWU - US MarketScan
PZ Platts - PWZ - Biofuelscan
PR PR Newswire
C1 Public Companies Asia
C3 Public Companies Canada
C4 Public Companies Europe
K2 Public Companies Knight Ridder (restricted)
K1 Public Companies Knight Ridder (unrestricted)
M2 Public Companies M2
C5 Public Companies MarketWire
C8 Public Companies PrimeZone
C9 Public Companies US
RN RTT Pro News
BU SNL Energy News
SW Stock Watch Canadian News
FL The Fly On The Wall
IFSWI TI Product - FS
CP TSX/CP Equity news - English
FC TSX/CP Equity news - French
VK Vickers Insider Trading
ZK Zacks Investment
* Certain services only available on FutureSource