eSignal 12 - Alerts on Studies

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eSignal 12 - Alerts on Studies

eSignal offers the ability to set alerts on studies. You can set alerts for the Built-In studies as well as for Advanced GET studies for those users with access to the Advanced GET product.
setting an alert
once you have inserted a study in your chart, right-click the mouse and select edit chart. a window will open within the chart. make sure the study you want to set the alert is highlighted on the left-side. click the tab “alerts” on the right-hand side. we are using an stochastic for our example below, and we want to be alerted when the ‘stochastic %k crosses stochastic %d’ by checking that box.

alerts can be reactivated by checking box for “auto reactivate”. once selected, you also have an option for the alert to trigger only once per bar.

the alert actions menu allows you to enable notifications (i.e. pop-up, play sound, e-mail), and create a cutomized message for the alert notification.  pop-up alerts appear in the bottom right hand corner of the application. 

every study will have its own set of alert settings. for example, the relative strength index will show the following alert settings.

The Moving Average study also has the option to set an alert based on greater and less than values, when the price crosses the Moving Average, as well as an Alert Area based on the minimum tick value:
Alert when study is greater than: Set value for the Moving Average to trigger an alert when it exceeds the set value.
Alert when study is less than: Set value for the Moving Average to trigger an alert when it is less than the set value.
Alert when price price crosses study line: Triggers alert when crosses the Moving Average.
Alert Area:  Is active when you any of the checkboxes above. Check "Enter the number of Min Ticks to trigger the alert when the price falls within the proximity of the alert price. For stocks the min tick is .01. If you set the min tick to 4, for example, then the alert will trigger when the price falls within the proximity (.01 X 4 = .04) of the alert price.

Removing an Alert Study.
Alerts are set in individual charts. To remove any alert on a study, right click the mouse inside the chart, go to Edit Chart, select the indicator, click the Alert tab and uncheck the Alert box.