eSignal Series - Tick-Based Interval Charts

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Did you know eSignal supports a variety of tick-based Intervals?  Tick, Seconds, Volume, Price Change and Range intervals can all be viewed in the chart.


Note: Tick-based intervals are not available with the Classic subscription.


Tick Interval
Tick charts are based on a specified number of ticks.  A 30T interval will create a new bar for every 30 ticks (trades). 

Seconds Interval
This interval uses a specific number of seconds to display data.  A 30S interval will create a new bar every 30 seconds. 


Volume Interval
A Volume chart uses volume instead of time to display data.  A 500V interval will create a new bar for every 500 shares traded.

Price Change Interval
This chart type builds bars based on price changes.  For a 50P interval, a new bar will be created for every 50 price changes.   


Range Bar Interval
A Range Bar chart creates new bars based on a predetermined price range.  For example, to create a range bar chart equal to 1 pt (i.e. $1 for a stock) type 1R in the interval box.