eSignal 10.6 - The Cursor Window

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Advanced Charting- The Cursor Window

What is the Cursor Window?
The Cursor Window is the small information panel within the Advanced chart that displays information such as the Symbol, Date, Time, Open, High, Low, and Close. The top section of the Cursor Window displays the Server Status Bar.


Changing the Properties of the Cursor Window
Right click anywhere in the Cursor Window; then choose Properties. This will open a window called Cursor Window Properties. 


This is where you can change several settings: You can show or hide the symbol and server status indicator (green OK), change the number of columns, fonts, as well as set the Cursor Window to Auto-Hide.


In the Cursor Window Properties you will find the settings to enable the Axis Cursor Labels by checking the box in front of "Show Cursor Labels In X and Y Axis.

Mini-Price Tracking Cursor
The Mini-Price Tracking Cursor is a small window that will float with your cursor tracking crosshairs and provide the relevant information depending on where the mouse cursor is. To enable this feature, at the top of eSignal select Advanced Chart and then Properties.  In the Advanced Chart Properties window, check the box next to Mini-Price Tracking Cursor.


Changing Colors and Fonts of the Cursor Window
Right-click within the Cursor Window; then choose Properties. Click on the Font button to change the style, size and color of font you would like to use.

Moving the Cursor Window
Simply left-click-and-hold anywhere on the Cursor Window and drag the Cursor Window to a new position within the chart. Once you release your mouse button, the Cursor Window will remain in that position.

Hiding Studies in the Cursor Window
Studies added to the chart will display values in the Cursor Window. You can hide the studies in the Cursor Window from view by right clicking anywhere on the Cursor Window; then click on the study you would like to hide in the list. If there is a check mark next to the study, it is displayed; if there is no check mark, it is hidden from view.


Hiding the Cursor Window Completely
If you don't want to see the cursor window at all, right-click anywhere in the Cursor Window and choose "Hide Cursor Window."

To unhide the Cursor Window, right-click anywhere in the Advanced Chart window, select Cursor and then Cursor Window.


What do CSR% and CSR# represent?
CSR stands for Cursor.  This is a feature that, when activated, represents change from a reference point.  To activate this feature, double click the center of an Advanced Chart.  Once active, each single left click on the chart resets the reference point to zero.  A second double click turns the feature off.

CSR% is the price difference from the reference point set where you clicked the chart.  CSR# shows the bar number +/- from the same reference point