Running Multiple Instances of eSignal

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Running Multiple Instances of eSignal

This is a very common topic in Tech Support and can typically be broken into three categories, as follows:

1. Running Multiple Instances of eSignal on the Same PC
2. Running eSignal across Multiple Monitors
3. Running eSignal on Multiple PC's

1. Running Multiple Instances of eSignal on the Same PC
Once you start eSignal, two applications actually load and start updating; eSignal and Data Manager. The desktop program with charting, quote windows, etc is what we call eSignal. The program that connects to our servers via the internet and manages the data is called the Data Manager. The Data Manager is a separate application so it can effectively feed data to multiple programs at the same time, like eSignal and Metastock Professional for ex. As a result, it is possible to have multiple instances of eSignal running but there can only be one Data Manager in operation.

While it is possible to run several instances of eSignal at the same time and on the same PC, there are a number of reasons why we don't recommend or supoort it. First off, the impact to CPU usage and RAM could be significant and cause overall performance problems. Secondly, there is only one file structure for eSignal so when you run eSignal more than once, it's very easy to overwrite files accidentally and get confused as to what files were being used last.

One instance of eSignal can easily be stretched to cover several monitors and by using our Pop-Out Window feature, you can detach any window (quote window, Chart Window, etc) from within the eSignal frame and spread out across various monitors. As a result, eSignal can easily support a 6-8 monitor set-up with just one instance of eSignal. See related articles for more on Pop-Out windows.

2. Running eSignal across Multiple Monitors
As noted above, it's very easy to run eSignal on multiple monitors. We've had many customers show us eSignal running on as many as 8 monitors at the same time. To do so, you need to make sure eSignal is not maximized. To make sure it is NOT maximized, look up in the top right corner of that window. If you see a dash, double square and X, it is maximized and you'll need to click the double square to Restore. At this point, you will be able to put your mouse on the edges of the main eSignal window and drag it across to the other screen(s).

If you don't currently have multiple monitors set-up, you'll want to make sure that you have the following:

1. Multiple video ports on your system; preferrably the same type cards so the video drivers will be sure 
   to work together. It's also a good idea to make sure the video card has some of it's own onboard memory.
2. An Operating System that supports multi-monitors. Windows® 98, Windows® NT, Windows® 2000, 
    Windows® Me and Windows® XP.
3. Lastly, multiple monitors!

If you want more advice on setting-up your hardware, here are a couple of ideas. First, we have one Business Partner that specializes in PC hardware and concentrates solely on the Financial Industry. They are very familiar with eSignal, most broker applications and many of the key 3p applications available. The company is called XView (formerly Trikenetics) and we suggest giving them a call if your looking to buy some hardware components or a new PC.

The other suggestion is to leverage the knowledge of other users and utilize the eSignal Forums to either search for past discussions or post a message directly asking for advice. When searching, try key words like hardware, video monitors, etc.

3. Running eSignal on Multiple PC's
This one is pretty straightforward. Every PC connecting to our servers must have it's own Data Manager running and each Data Manager must have a unique Username and Password to function. Therefore, you must set-up a paying account for each PC you want to run eSignal. This is mostly mandated by the Exchanges since they consider each PC a "single user" and hence should be charged an exchange fee.
1 PC = 1 eSignal account, 2 PC's = 2 eSignal accounts, 3 PC's = 3 eSignal accounts, etc.

This applies to running eSignal on a LAN or wireless network. Each separate PC that connects to our server farm must have it's own username/password. In other words, even on a LAN or WAN, you can't "share" eSignal.  This is also the case if you're running one PC and are trying to build a router with transparent failover redundancy, ie. ISP goes down and your backup ISP connects without manual intervention.  Dual load balancing will not work with eSignal.  If you find a custom solution around this please note that eSignal will not support it.
No exceptions to this rule but we do offer mult-unit discounts for 4+ systems and various other business solutions (TurboFeed, Office Server, etc). Please contact our Sales Department for more information.

Note: QuoTrek is also available as an add-on service to existing eSignal subscribers.  If you have eSignal and QuoTrek on the same product, please be advised that simultaneous use of these programs is not permitted.  If you wish to use eSignal and QuoTrek at the same time, you must subscribe to the stand-alone versions of these products.

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