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How do I apply the Elliott Trigger study?

The Elliott Trigger study is used in conjunction with the Advanced GET Elliott Wave and Elliott Oscillator studies. It is used as a confirming signal that Elliott Wave 4 has actually ended when the Elliott Oscillator retraces to its zero line.

To apply the Elliott Trigger study on a chart, right-click anywhere on chart, and when the menu appears, move your cursor to Advanced GET Studies and then left-click on GET: Elliott Trigger:

During Elliott Wave 4, the Elliott Oscillator needs to pull back to the zero line to signal the end of Wave 4. Once the Elliott Oscillator has pulled back to zero, wait for the Elliott Trigger to cross above the zero line during a bullish trend or below the zero line during a bearish trend. This provides confirmation that the Wave 4 is over.

To change any of the parameters of the Elliott Trigger, right-click inside the Elliott Trigger window and then left-click on Edit Studies: 

The Color selection list allows you to choose the color of the Elliott Trigger.

The Time Frame: Long Term check box should only be checked when you are using the Alternate 3 Oscillator (10,70) in combination with the Alternate 3 - Long Term Elliott Wave count.

To remove the Elliott Trigger from the bar chart, right-click the Elliott Trigger window, then left-click Remove and select Elliott Trigger.