Advanced GET - PTI (Profit Taking Index)

ICE Data Services -

How do I apply the PTI?

The PTI Tool is used to manually draw a PTI (Profit Taking Index) and Wave 4 Channels in an area that is not identified as a Wave 4 by GET.

To apply the PTI Tool, left click on the PTI icon the Advanced Line Toolbar:

To get a PTI that is similar to a PTI automatically generated by Elliott Waves, you must move the PTI cursor to the point you believe is the end of Wave 2 and click your left mouse button. Next, move your mouse cursor to the point where you believe Wave 3 has ended and press your left mouse button for a second time. Lastly, move the PTI cursor to the last bar in what you believe is the Wave 4 and press your left mouse button for the third time to place the PTI and Wave 4 channels on the chart. Please note that the PTI value will not automatically adjust as new bars are placed on the chart - you must redraw the PTI as the Wave 4 progresses.