Copying eSignal 10.6 Files From One PC to Another

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The easiest way to transfer your workspace to another pc is to save your work as a Page. A Page consists of two files, a .PG and .AT file. Saving your Page will save all of the various windows that make up your work space. Your Page files are stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\eSignal\Pages. You can transfer files to another PC using a USB flash drive or by e-mailing them.

Right-click on the Pages folder and click on Copy. In the File Explorer screen similar to the one above, navigate to the drive that contains your USB flash drive. It will probably have a drive letter like (E:) or (F:). Right-click on the drive that corresponds to your flash drive and click Paste. This should put the Pages folder on your flash drive. If you have any custom Formulas, you’ll have to navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\eSignal\Formulas and copy that folder.

On the new computer access the flash drive and transfer the Pages folder into the eSignal directory (again using Copy and Paste).

C:\Program Files (x86)\eSignal.

Click Yes when prompted to overwrite the existing folder.

If you have saved your work as a Layout, you can still transfer your workspace, but it will involve saving each window in your Layout as a separate file. See below for a list of file types.  Click here to learn more about Pages and Layouts.


File extensions Used in eSignal 10.6.

 Extension File Type        
 .ach Advanced Charts Files 
 .ch Standard Charts Files
 .cht Chat Window Files
 .dtl Detail Window Files
 .efs eSignal Script Files
 .emd Market Depth Files 
 .emp Market Profile Files 
 .ens News Manager Preview Files
 .ent News Manager Files
 .eqb Quote Board Files 
 .esk Scanner Window Files 
 .ess Symbol Search Files
 .etq Time and Quotes Files
 .ets Time and Sales Files 
 .htm HTML Files
 .itf Integrated Trading Files 
 .kbt Hotkey Control File 
 .lay Layout Window Files 
 .pg Page Window Files 
 .ldr Leaders Window Files
 .nl2 Nasdaq Level 2 Files 
 .oet Order Entry Ticket Files
 .op Options Plus Files 
 .opw Options Window Files
 .por Portfolio Window Files  
 .quo Quote Window Files  
 .rpt Report Files
 .str Story Files
 .sum Summary Window Files  
 .tkr Ticker Window Files  
 .at Alerts Files *
 .ems Drop Down Symbols List (MRU List)**
 .xml associated with time templates, spreads, and favorites files.***


*The .at files always have the same name as the Page or Layout files. This is because the Alerts are associated with the Page or Layout file rather than with a Quote or Summary window. 

** The .ems files will only be present if you have saved the MRU list in eSignal in the eSignal directory.

*** Other .xml files located in the eSignal directory include the following:

Note: EFS files are stored within the Formulas folder that resides in the eSignal directory. The Hotkey Control File (default.kbt) "remembers" the unique keystrokes required to perform a particular action. The default.kbt file is located within the Templates folder that resides in C:\Program Files (x86)\eSignal\Templates.