Importing QCharts Alerts into eSignal

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Importing QCharts Alerts into eSignal 

This article provides instructions for users that wish to import QCharts alerts into eSignal.  Please be aware of the following limitations when using the import alerts tool:

1.  Only alerts based on fields available in eSignal can be imported.  See below for more info. 

2.  Only untriggered alerts can be imported.  Alerts that have already been triggered will be excluded.

3.  All QCharts sounds will be replaced with the default eSignal sound file (i.e. "an alert target has been reached").   

Once you have created your alerts in QCharts, click on Alerts at the top of QCharts followed by Dump Alerts to Text.  


This will create a text file which may open in notepad for most windows users. In notepad you will need to click Format and uncheck the Word Wrap setting before you Dump Alerts to Text.  


Once word wrap is unchecked, click File=>Save As:


Save the Alerts in an easy to find location such as the Desktop.  You can opt to change the File Name or use the default. Click Save.


Launch eSignal and click Tools=>Manage Alerts:


Right click in the open area below and select Import QCharts Alerts:


Choose the Text file that you saved earlier and click Open.  


The QCharts alerts will be displayed in this window.  


If you encounter problems make sure that the alerts are based on column headers available in eSignal. 

(See below for a list of compatible Alerts)  


Alerts based on the following columns can be imported and will be mapped to their eSignal equivalent as shown below: 


QCharts eSignal
Last Last
Last ExtHrs Extended Hours Last
Net Change
Net% Percent Change
NetSiceOpen Change (Open)
NetSinceOpen% Percent Change (Open)
Volume Volume
OpenInt OpenInt
ContrHigh Contract High
ContrLow Contract Low
TrdSize Trade Last Size
Bid Bid
Bid Size Bid Size
Ask Ask
Ask Size Ask Size
%InRange Percent In Range
1YearHigh 52w High
1YearLow 52w Low
Avg Vol Average Volume
Unusual Volume Unusual Volume


Alerts based on the following columns CANNOT be imported into eSignal:  


Avg HL DnTicks Bid/Ask Spread TrueRange%
Avg HLC DnTickVol Yest %InYearlyRng
Avg OHLC AvTrdSize 5DyAgo YearDay%
Avg OC B Bid 20DyAgo Block Vol
5DyNet Bbid Size LastYr Block Trades
5DyNet% Vol@Bid Trade2 Day Val
20DyNet TickVol@Bid Trade3 Money Flow
20DyNet% Value@Bid Trade4 Qtrin
YrNet UpTkVol-DnTkVol Trade5  
YrNet% UpTkVol/DnTkVol Gap  
TickVol B Ask GapPct  
UpTickVol BAsk Size GapUnFld%  
UpTicks Vol@Ask Range  
UpTickVal TickVol@Ask Range% Yest  
DnTickVol Value@Ask TrueRange