Symbols Guide - S/P Indices

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Symbols Guide - S&P Indices

Source: CME
XL (Exchange Listed) Code: SPC 

Commonly Followed Symbols
Symbol Name
$SP500 S&P 500 Futures (Cash)
$SP100 S&P 100 Futures (Cash)
$SP500V S&P S&P Barra Value
$SP500_10 S&P 500 Energy (Sector)
$SP500_2030 S&P 500 Transportation (Industry Group
$SPGSCI goldman/sachs commodity index

use the symbol search function to find a complete list of the cme sourced s&p indices. select tools on the main menu, then symbol search. select s&p indices (cme sourced) as the exchange filter as shown below:


to search online, click here. type in s&p in the search box:


select spc as the exchange and index as type:


click here for a list of the old and new spc symbols.