Mission: Striving for Service and Support Excellence

ICE Data Services -

Striving for Service and Support Excellence

In addition to our commitment of unparalleled system reliability, accuracy and speed, we are equally committed to providing the best customer service and technical support in the industry. We believe that giving great service comes down to three main things: our attitude, our people and our support tools. When you subscribe to eSignal, you'll never feel alone. Here's why.

Our Attitude
Now more than ever, customers have choices. We know that each and every day, we have to earn your business. We focus on making our policies fair and reasonable, making our support team accessible and knowledgeable and by carefully listening to your needs. It's not just a cliche for us; our customers are our number 1 priority.

Our People
Experienced and Knowledgeable Support Staff. We have a dedicated team of service professionals, including a highly experienced in-house trainer. We also have a top-notch Service Management Team with a combined industry experience of over 50 years.

International and Domestic Support. From our London Office, we support customers from 7:00 to 18:00 GMT. We even offer limited support in French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian and Spanish. From our US offices in California, we support customers 5:00am to 16:30pm PT 

Community Support Group. Whether you need help on the eSignal Support Forums or you are participating in one of our scheduled Chats or online training courses, our Community Support Team will be close at hand to help you get the answers and information you need.  

Corporate Support. When you subscribe to 6 or more eSignal or eSignal Pro systems, you'll be assigned an Account Manager who will work directly with you to handle all of your service needs. We even have a special help desk set-up to answer basic questions about your company's firewall or proxy server.

Our Support Tools
State of the Art Customer Management System. Easily our biggest single investment, our account management system enables self-service via the web, accurate and reliable billing, and problem tracking and auditing. We use e-mail to proactively keep you abreast of new software releases, major changes in our service or simply to remind you about an upcoming pre-pay renewal. You'll also occasionally see email-based satisfaction surveys after you have contact with one of our team members. We encourage all users to complete those surveys so we get further "real-time" feedback on how we're doing.   

User Guides, tutorials and Knowledge Base. Unlike all of our major competitors, we don't cut corners when it comes to giving you the resources you need. When you start eSignal, you'll get access to eSignal Learning; a vast and expansive site filled with helpful documentation on using eSignal. You'll also have access to continually updated KnowledgeBase and the eSignal Learning Center, where market experts offer their insights on a regular basis. While most customers rave about how easy the program is to use, we still think it's important to provide as much documentation as possible. 

System Status.  We know how important real-time information is so whenever we discover a technical problem with one of our servers or with one of the Exchanges, we immediately post a notice on our System Status page. To access this page, just click on the Customer Support menu in eSignal and choose System Status. Other important events are listed under Service Bulletins, also available off the Customer Support menu.

LiveRep. During US & European market hours, get connected to a support technician in seconds and chat directly from within the eSignal program. 

Remote Desktop Troubleshooting. For customers using high-speed connections like DSL or cable modems, our technicians have the ability, with your express permission, to control your desktop and directly assist you with a technical problem or question. We can literally take over your mouse and show you what to do! 

E-mail and fax support. You can submit your questions via fax or e-mail 24 hours a day. In most cases, we'll respond to your e-mail the same day and within a day or two for your faxes. For all urgent issues, we strongly encourage customers to contact us via LiveRep or call us.

eSignal Support Forums and File Share. Our users are some of the most effective traders in the world today. In order to facilitate and support communication between eSignal users, we actively moderate and contribute on the eSignal Support Forums. Users can use integrated publishing tools from within eSignal to post charts and files for sharing as well.

Online Training. Using the leading application in this field, we present regular classes on eSignal via WebEx. We also record key courses so users can view them at their leisure. Click here for upcoming Live Events and Archived Events.