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NASDAQ Indices - New Frequency Updates

Please note that the update frequency for the NASDAQ Composite ($COMPQ), NASDAQ 100 Index ($NDX), and the symbols below has changed. Previously these indices updated every 15 seconds. Effective 5/29/09, these indices now update in Real Time as a result of a change made at the Exchange level. We've updated our Symbol Guide to reflect this change.

 Symbol  Index Name  Symbol  Index Name
 $ABAQ  ABA Community Bank Index  $ASRN  AlphaSector Rotation Index
 $ASRX  AlphaSector Rotation Total Return Index  $BANK  NASDAQ Bank Index
 $BIXR  BetterInvesting 100 Total Return Index  $BIXX  BetterInvesting 100 Index
 $CELS  NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index  $CEXX  NASDAQ CE Green Energy TR Index
 $CHXN  NASDAQ China Index  $CND  NASDAQ-Canada Index
 $COMPQ  NASDAQ Composite Index  $DIVQ  NASDAQ Dividend Achievers Index
 $DTEC  NASDAQ Dallas Regional Chamber Index  $DVQT  NASDAQ Dividend Achievers Total Return Index
 $HAUL  Wilder NASD OMX Global EET Index  $ILTI  NASDAQ OMX AeA Illinois Tech Index
 $INDS  NASDAQ Industrial Index  $INSR  NASDAQ Insurance Index
 $ISRQ  NASDAQ Israel Index  $ISRX  NASDAQ Israel Total Return Index
 $IXCO  NASDAQ Computer Index  $IXF  NASDAQ-100 Financial Index

 NASDAQ Health Care Index

 $IXTC  NASDAQ Telecommunications Index

 NASDAQ Biotechnology Index

 $NBIE  NASDAQ Biotechnology Equal Weighted Index
 $NDX  NASDAQ-100 Index  $NDXE  NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted Index
 $NDXT  NASDAQ-100 Technology Sector Index  $NDXX  NASDAQ-100 Ex-Tech Sector Index
 $NERV  NASDAQ NeuroInsights Neurotech Index  $NETR  NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted Total Return Index
 $NETX  NASDAQ Internet Total Return Index  $NQGM  NASDAQ Global Market Composite Index
 $NTQX  NASDAQ Q-50 Total Return Index  $NTTR  NASDAQ-100 Technology Sector Total Return Index
 $NXTQ  NASDAQ Q-50 Index  $NXTR  NASDAQ-100 Ex-Tech Total Return Index
 $OFIN  NASDAQ Other Finance Index  $QGRI  NASDAQ OMX Government Relief Index
 $QGRX  NASDAQ OMX Government Relief Total Return Index  $QNET  NASDAQ Internet Index
 $RCMP  NASDAQ Capital Market Composite Index