eSignal Desktop API Discontinued

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eSignal Desktop API Discontinued 
The eSignal Desktop API (aka the ActiveX API) has been discontinued and is no longer available as an add-on service.  As a replacement we recommend ICE XL for clients who wish to perform similar and improved functionality than what was previously available with the Desktop API (ActiveX).  
Why are you discontinuing the eSignal Desktop API?  The eSignal Desktop was available only to the eSignal 10 series. New features planned for the eSignal 11 series will provide users with better integration and trading potential than the eSignal Desktop API provided.  For example, new ICE XL integration features make it easy for users to copy and paste from the eSignal 20.x series into an Excel worksheet and receive streaming updates within Excel.  In addition, new EFS functions will make it easier for users to apply studies to watchlists and to implement automated trading based upon available and custom formulas.  Rather than develop separate products that perform similar functionality, the decision was made to discontinue the eSignal Desktop API.
 Are there any benefits that 
ICE XL provides that the eSignal Desktop API did not provide?  ICE XL allows users to stream data for the full range of their symbol limits.  The eSignal Desktop API was limited to streaming up to 100 instruments effectively.  This limitation does not exist for ICE XL.  In addition, ICE XL is easier to use than the eSignal Desktop API. ICE XL offers a plug-in that enables users to quickly and easily insert streaming, snapshot, and historical data within Excel. The eSignal Desktop API required more involved coding and development to perform similar functionality.

I don’t use the eSignal Desktop API, but I use an application that integrates with the eSignal 10.6 platform.  Will that application stop working?  As part of the move to discontinue this service some applications may stop working.  Applications that may be affected are those that have integrated with the eSignal 10 series platform and use the eSignal Desktop API. 

What will happen to existing users of the eSignal Desktop API?  Existing users (developers) of the eSignal Desktop API can continue using the Desktop API with the eSignal 10.6 version. However, we no longer offer technical support for this product, and cannot assist with coding or troubleshooting.

Are there any other API options available? Institutional users (not available to individual users) may opt to purchase or be considered for the commercial grade Market Data API which requires review and approval from Pre-Sales/Developer Support.  Click here to request info.