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eSignal 12 - Research Window

The Research window is a consolidated, single stop for all your equity research needs. Earnings Estimates, Analyst Ratings, Financial Ratios, and so much more round out this new offering. Bringing in all the best parts of eSignal and Interactive Data’s research together into one cohesive window.

the best part about esignal 12’s research window? it’s all in one place and symbol-linked. click on a stock from a watch list to quickly access the vitals of that company when the research window is part of your page. the profile page (shown below) provides all the significant highlights of the company in one consolidated view, or just pick your own research home page from the drop-down.

to open a research window, can click new / research  from the main menu. a keyboard shortcut (ctrl+9) is also available.

alternatively, the research window can be launched by right-clicking any symbol from another window (such as the watch list window) and selecting actions for [symbol] then open in research.

categories of research and subscriptions required:

to subscribe to an add-on service, click on this link: account maintenance. or go to, then go to support from the main menu and click account maintenance. account maintenance can also be accessed from within the software esignal. on the main toolbar, go to customer support, then click account maintenance from the drop down menu.

to access a research report, select it from the drop down menu and enter the symbol of the company you wish have a report for. here we have a select a profile report for ibm.

here is what the profile report for ibm looks like: