eSignal - Transferring symbols from 10.6 to Version 12

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esignal - transferring symbols from 10.6 to version 12

we're pleased to announce the official release of esignal 12.  with this release you'll be able to run esignal 12 side by side with the 10 series version.  soon we'll be introducing a tool to convert symbols from the quote window (10.6) into the watch list of esignal 12.  until then, there are 2 methods for transferring symbols from the old to the new version.

the first method for transferring symbols from 10.6 to 12 would involve copying your entire quote window (including all the fields) and pasting the results into excel to isolate the results from the symbol column. 

to begin, highlight your quote window and choose edit, then select all.  click edit again and choose copy (or press control+c on your keyboard). 

next launch microsoft excel or a similar spreadsheet application.  select the first row/column and press control+v on your keyboard (or use the paste icon).  this will transfer your quote window results into excel.  from there, highlight all the symbols from the first column and select control+c.

in esignal 12, the equivalent to the quote window is the watch list.  click new from the main menu followed by watch list (or control+2 on your keyboard) to create a new watch list. 

right click an empty row and press control+v to paste the symbols into your watch list.  you'll want to save your page (control+s) to ensure all your changes are properly saved. 

alternate method - for advanced users only
an alternate method for transferring symbols is described below.  this should be reserved for advanced users only.  you'll want to be sure to create a backup copy of your pages prior to using this method to ensure that you don't save any unwanted changes. 

this method involves deleting all the fields from your existing quote window except for the symbol field.  this will allow you to copy the symbols from esignal 10.6 and paste them into version 12.  right click any column header and select delete field to remove it.  repeat this process for all the columns except for the symbol field. 

you'll be left with a quote window that looks like this:

from the main menu click edit, then select all followed by control+c on your keyboard  (or select edit, then copy)to copy the symbols.  from there you can right click an empty row and press control+v to paste the symbols into your esignal 12 watch list.