eSignal - Workspaces

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Workspaces allow you to maintain groups of pages and switch between them with a single click. 
New Workspace
To start a new workspace, click the eS button in the top left-hand corner and select New Workspace....

After selecting New Workspace..., you will be prompted to give the workspace a name.  Enter the name for the workspace and click OK

After clicking OK, you will be taken to the new window dialog box so that you can start building the first page in your new workspace.  For information on building pages, please click here.

The Workspaces window allows you to switch between different saved Workspaces as well as duplicating or renaming your Workspaces.  To open the Workspaces window, click the eS button in the top left-hand corner and select Workspaces.

Workspaces Window Buttons

- New workspace button - allows you to create a new workspace.

- Rename workspace button - allows you to rename your workspace.

- Duplicate workspace button - allows you to duplicate the selected workspace.

- Apply workspace button - allows you to switch to a different workspace. 

- Remove workspace button - allows you to delete the selected workspace.

The Workspaces window has two sides.  The left side of the window displays the saved workspaces.  The right side of the window displays the pages found inside the selected Workspace. 

Copying a Page to Another Workspace
You can easily copy a page into another workspace by right clicking on a page, and selecting Copy page to workspace and specifying the workspace you want to copy that page to.  

saving workspaces
to save a workspace, select the page you wish to save and then click the save button.  the save workspace dialog box will open.  give your workspace a file name and then select the save button. a workspace file is saved as a .ews file extension.

transferring a workspace to another pc
your workspace files are stored in c:\users\[username]\my documents\interactive data\esignal\pages. you can transfer files to another pc using a cd or usb flash drive. to copy your workspace files to the usb flash drive, navigate to c:\users\[username]\my documents\interactive data\esignal\pages.

right click on the workspace file (.ews) and select copy. in the windows explorer screen similar to the one above, navigate to the drive that contains your usb flash drive (i.e. the e: or f: drive, etc). right click on the drive that corresponds to your flash drive and click paste. this should put the workspace file on your flash drive.

on the new computer, access the flash drive and transfer the workspace file into c:\users\[username]\my documents\interactive data\esignal\pages (again using copy and paste).

If you do not have a USB flash drive to transfer the files, you can burn the files to a CD or email them to the new PC.

Opening your Workspace on another PC
To open your Workspace after you have transfered it.  Bring up the Workspaces window and select the Open button.  Highlight the Workspace you wish to open and then click Open