Importing QCharts Symbols into eSignal

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Qcharts Symbol Import 
This article describes how to Import symbols from QCharts into eSignal.  please note, only the symbols from the QCharts quote sheet can be imported into eSignal.  

We'll begin by exporting the symbols in QCharts.  Once you have created a list of symbols, right click the Quote Sheet window and select Export=>Symbols. 


Edit the file name which automatically defaults to quote.sym.  In our example we'll name the file Dow Symbols.  Please note the .sym extension will be automatically added once the file is saved.

Next, launch eSignal and open a Watch List window by clicking new from the main menu at the top of eSignal and selecting Watch List.  

If your watch list isn't already blank, click the Symbol List function button at the top of the Watch List shown below and select New List. You can also opt to rename the list using this menu.  


Right click the first empty row in the watch list and choose Insert List.  


Choose the last tab which is named From File.   

Open the C: folder=>Program Files (x86)=>QCharts=>Symbols and choose the .sym file you would like to import. In our case we'll choose Dow Symbols.sym which we saved earlier.  

The Symbol List will appear in the Watch List Window.  


Saving the Symbol List

Once your symbols have been imported you'll want to save your Symbol List.  Click the Symbol List Function Button next to the Symbol List drop down menu located at the top of the Watch List window.


Select Save As.

Type in the name of your Symbol List and the press the Enter key on your keyboard to save it.
The Symbol List Name will then appear inside the Symbol List drop down menu and can be accessed from any Watch List window.