eSignal Data Feed in TWS

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esignal market data in tws

this article gives step by step instructions on how to configure interactive brokers's tws to use the esignal data feed. 

1- from the main screen of tws, click on the configure button or from the main menu, click edit, global configurations.

2- in the left pane of the trader workstation configuration window, click on features.
3- in the right pane, click on the pluse (+) sign next to "market data".

4- add a check mark next to "esignal market data" and click apply.

5- in the left pane, click on esignal.
6- add a check mark to "use esignal for market data".
7- enter your esignal username and password and click ok.

the following message will appear:

8- click ok on the message. close tws (file, exit).

9- log back into tws.

to confirm you are accessing the esignal data feed, click on the data button on the bottom of tws.

when the esignal data manager is connected, you'll see up to three (3) entries for esignal ( as show above).

note: 64-bit system users
once you've configured tws to use the esignal data feed, you may receive the following error message: 

this error will appear for the following reasons: if the 32 bit version of tws has not been installed.

after installing the 32 bit version of tws:

in the c:\jts directory rename the dbcapi.dll file to dbcapi_old.dll.

in the c:\program files(x86)\common files\interactive data\dm directory, copy the dbcapi_vc8.dll into the c:\jts directory

once copied, right click on dbcapi_vc8 and select rename from menu. rename the file to dbcapi.dll.
launch tws