eSignal 12 Series - Track Time and Track Price

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eSignal 12 Series - Track Time and Track Price
The Track Time feature in eSignal 12 is a helpful feature that allows you to have two or more Chart Windows synced together as you scroll back in Time on your Chart Window.  When the Track Time feature is enabled on both Chart Windows, clicking on a bar inside one Chart will jump the second Chart window to that same point in Time. 
The Track Price feature in eSignal 12 syncs the Cursor Tracking Price labels.  When the Track Price feature is enabled on two or more Chart Windows with the same symbol, the Cursor Tracking Price labels will sync to the price where your mouse is pointed to on the Chart Window.  

To enable Track Time and Track Price, select the Chart menu at the top of eSignal 12 and then select Properties. Inside Chart Properties select Cursor on the left side.  Place a check mark in the boxes for Track Time or Track Price.

To enable the settings to apply to all charts on all pages or the current page, select Apply To... then Apply To  All Pages or Apply To Current Page.