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The DayTradingZones Daily Analysis is a subscription-based service providing key market levels for 10 hot markets, plotting the buy, caution and sell zones directly on eSignal charts. The service also includes a Weekly Live Chart Blast, plus training and analysis videos in a members area hosted by DayTradingZones. 


Subscription Info

To add this service to your account, click eSignal Apps icon from the eSignal 12 main menu (requires eSignal 12.2 or newer)and select eSignal App Store from the dropdown menu:
Locate DayTradingZone Daily Analysis package and click Add Now ($7 For 30 Days, then $97/Month subscription fees will apply):

You will then be able to add the Daily analysis to your Charts for SPY, AAPL, GOOGL, AMZN, ES, NQ, CL, YM, SPX plus one additional stock which is rotated, depending on what looks good, for example NFLX. Then within 1 working day, DayTradingZones will provide you access to the training area and a link for the Live Chart Blasts on Monday’s 4.15pm EST.   


Applying the Indicator to a Chart

Right-click anywhere in chart window and select Insert Study. Left-click on the Add-on Studies tab, click the expand selection triangle next to DayTradingZones Daily Analysis,  select DayTradingZonesDailyAnalysisE.efs. then click Close.


The study will then appear on the chart:


eSignal Support

Please Contact eSignal for questions regarding page configuration, troubleshooting tool error messages, add-on licensing, or billing.


DayTradingZones Suppport  

Contact DayTradingZones for questions regarding Members Area Videos, Commentary, or Weekly Webinars.