eSignal Market Scanner - Basic Operations

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eSignal Market Scanner - Basic Operations 

Scanning Basics
The scanning features in esignal can be found in 2 different places.

1. Browser version - The first is through the scanner menu at the top of eSignal. Using this menu will open an imbedded browser within eSignal to the specific type of scan that you select. When using this type of scanner, defaults are saved in a "cookie". One key item to note is that if your browser or firewall program is not configured to allow cookies and/or is set to delete them, your defaults will not save.

Browser version scanner will allow to save a maximum of 16 scans. Once scan number 16 is saved the "save as" button disappears.

2. Scan window - The second method of pulling up a scanner is through an integrated scan window. All the settings for this window are saved either as part of a page file, or can be saved as a separate file when working with a layout. This window has all the other "window features" that other eSignal windows have (i.e. symbol/interval linking, floating window, etc.) in addition, this window allows you to provide a "list name." This enables the dynamic symbol list feature of a quote window (under quote options,) which effectively exports a list of search results to a quote window for further analysis. For further information about exporting a list of symbols, please visit this kb article

Automatic or Manual updates
To manually trigger a new search, simply hit the go button. To have the search results refreshed automatically, locate the auto refresh option and change from never to either every 2, 5, 10 or 15 minutes.  You'll see the timer to the right to immediately begin counting down to the next refresh. 

Changing Search Criteria
If you are seeing too few results you may want to change your search criteria. If you have a full page of results and want to have more displayed on each page, you can choose the number of rows from the drop down list in the table section at the bottom of the scanner page.

Display Options
There are several columns that are displayed automatically, depending on the type of scan you are performing. You can add to these at anytime by placing a check next to the boxes in the columns section at the bottom portion of the imbedded browser scanner or under display options in the scan window.

Scanner Instructions and Descriptions
For complete descriptions of each field in the market scanners, click on the help button located in the browser version on each scanner page, or visit this kb article.

Use eSignal Market Scanner to spot trading opportunities
Our real time market scanner searches the entire market in a matter of seconds based on the criteria you entered.  The scanner lets you access critical price performance data as soon as the markets are open.  Every time you run the scanner, you get a concise, easy-to-read list of stocks that are trading candidates.  And, the list is based on the latest real time streaming market data!