What data is included in the free eSignal Classic trial?

ICE Data Services -

For new customers only, eSignal offers a free 30 Day Trial of eSignal Classic (Activation Fee and added services are not refundable)
The following Delayed snapshot bundles are available with the Trial version of eSignal Classic
North and South American Stocks
American Stock Exchange
Brazil SOMA Stock Exchange
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
Caracas Stock Exchange
Dow Jones Indices 
Market Data Indices (MDI)
Mexico Stock Exchange and Indices
Nasdaq Stock Market 
New York Stock Exchange
NYSE Euronext Global Index Feed (GIF)
OPRA Indices
Santiago Stock Exchange (Chile) 
Sau Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa)
Toronto Stock Exchange (Canada) 
TSX Venture Exchange (CDNX)
North and South American Futures and Futures Options
Bolsa de Mercadorias & Futuros (BMF)  
CBOE Futures  
Chicago Board of Trade  
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (includes CME Globex & CMEE)  
Green Exchange (GreenX)  
ICE Futures Canada (Formerly Winnipeg)
ICE Futures US (formerly NYBOT)  
Kansas City Board of Trade  
Minneapolis Grain Exchange 
Montréal Futures Exchange
Mutual Funds/Money Markets
New York Mercantile Exchange 
OneChicago Single Stock Futures
Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific Futures
Australian SE Futures  
Bombay Stock Exchange - Futures
Bursa Malaysia Derivatives  
Dalian Commodity Exchange  
Hang Seng Indices 
Hong Kong Futures Exchange  
Osaka Futures  
Multi-Commodity Exchange India (MCX)
National Stock Exchange of India – Futures
National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)
SGX Derivatives - Level I  
Sydney Futures Exchange 
Tokyo Commodities Exchange  
Tokyo Financial Exchange  
Tokyo Grain Exchange  
TSE (Topix) Futures  
Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific Stocks
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and Indices
Athens Derivatives Exchange and Indices
Athens Stock Exchange  
Australian Securities Exchange 
Bahrain Stock Exchange  
BATS Chi-X Europe Level 1  
Boerse Stuttgart 
Bombay Stock Exchange
Bratislava Stock Exchange  
Bucharest Stock Exchange Indices 
Budapest Stock Exchange and Indices
Bursa Malaysia Exchange  
Deutsche Boerse:Spot Market Germany (Frankfurt/Xetra)  
Doha Securities Exchange and Indices
Dubai Financial Market 
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)  
Irish Stock Exchange and Indices
Istanbul Stock Exchange  
Johannesburg Stock Exchange 
Korea Stock Exchange  
Kosdaq Stock Exchange  
Kuwait Stock Exchange  
London Stock Exchange: Int'l Equities Level I  
London Stock Exchange: UK Equity Level I 
MICEX Exchange
Milan Indices  
Muscat Securities Market 
Nagoya Stock Exchange  
NASDAQ Dubai Stock Exchange  
National Stock Exchange of India  
New Zealand Stock Exchange  
Nikkei Indices  
NYSE Euronext All Indices 
NYSE Euronext Cash Level 1  
OMX Baltic Equities  
OMX Nordic Equities and Indices
OMX Nordic Fixed Income  
Osaka Securities Exchange  
Oslo Stock Exchange and Indices
Philippines Stock Exchange  
Prague Stock Exchange 
Russia Stock Exchange  
Saudi Arabia Stock Exchange  
SGX Equities  
Shanghai Stock Exchange  
Shanghai Stock Exchange China Indices  
Shenzhen Stock Exchange  
STOXX Indices 
SWX Swiss Stock Exchange and Indices
Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange  
Taiwan Stock Exchange  
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange & Indices  
Thailand Stock Exchange  
Tokyo Stock Exchange and Indices
Warsaw Stock Exchange and Indices
Wiener Boerse: Cash Market Level 1 
Wiener Boerse: Indices  
Xetra European Stars  
Xetra US Stars