What is the current System Status for QCharts?

ICE Data Services -

Network and Exchange Status Updates

For updates on the status of our Network, or to specific Exchanges, please refer to our eSignal Forum - Network & Exchange Status section located here.

Important Notices About QCharts

Please note the following updates regarding QCharts:

  • QCharts is no longer in active development, and is considered Legacy software. As such, we cannot guarantee its continued performance. Instead we recommend switching to the latest version of eSignal which you can find here, and is included with your subscription. (For assistance with getting this set up, please feel free to contact our Support Team. Contact information can be found here.)
  • The most recent Windows Update (8/22/23) has caused a conflict for some QCharts users. As a workaround, please refer to our guide here for details on how to resolve this.

Market Hours File Updates

To update your Market Hours file, please refer to the following Help Center article located here.

Support for QCharts

If you are in need of support for QCharts, please refer to our Contact Us page located here to get in touch with a Support Team member.

To access the QCharts forums, click here.