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A Page is the area that contains all the various windows you'll be working with such as the chart, watch list, time and sales, etc. The window type, size, and orientation are all saved as part of the Page file. Click here for more information on windows. Pages can be grouped into Workspaces. Click here more more information on Workspaces.  
Pages Menu
The main menu for the pages feature is displayed by left-clicking the eS icon in the left corner of the main menu bar.

New Page:
Creates a new page.
Open File...:
Opens an exiting pages.
Reload Page: Reverts the page back to the last saved version.
Close Page: Closes the page.
Save Page: Saves the current state of the page.
Save Page As...: Saves page with a different name.
Save All Pages: Saves all current open pages
Duplicate Page: Creates a duplicate version of the currently active page.
Page Tab Menu
In the bottom left area you'll find the page tab menu.  Right-clicking on a page tab displays the following menu:

This menu has additional selections that the main menu does not have (items highlighted in red:
Detach Page: Detaches a page from the program shell so multiple Pages can be displayed concurrently (on multiple monitors, for example).
Rename Page: Renames the page without creating a new file.
Capture Page Image: Opens the screenshot tool window to capture an image of the page.
Print Page...: Displays the print dialog box to print a copy of the page.
Close All Pages: Closes all currently opened pages.
Close All Pages But This: Closes all currently opened pages except the active page.

Title Bar Menu
After a page is detached, a title bar will appear and selecting the icon next to the minimize icon will the display the following page menu:

Minimize: Minimizes the the display of the page. 
Maximize: Maximizes the the display of the page.
New Detached Page: Creates a new page that is detached.
Attach Page: Reattaches the active page.

Creating a New Page
Pages can be created by selecting New Page from any Pages menu. A keyboard shortcut (Control+Shift+N) is also available. 
Opening an Existing Page
Pages can be created by selecting Open File from any Pages menu. A keyboard shortcut (Control+O) is also available. 

Working with Multiple Pages
The program allows you to toggle between open Pages, just by clicking the tabs with the names of the Pages currently opened. The active page will have an asterisk next to the name.


Duplicating a Page
A duplicate version of the Page can be created by right-clicking on the Page tab to be selecting Duplicate Page. The duplicate version will appear on Page tabs area with a (2) appearing after the original name. In this example, I duplicated the Sector City Page:
Saving Pages
Once the charts and other windows are open and configured the way you want them, click the eS button from the main menu then click Save or Save Page As, enter the name of the Page and click SaveA keyboard shortcut (Control+S) for the Save function and one for Save As (Control+Shift+S), is also available. 
Detaching Pages
You have the ability to concurrently open and view multiple Pages on multiple monitors or separate from the main application. Right click a Page tab at the bottom of the screen and select Detach Page. In the image below, I have detached the ETF City Page (highlighted in red) and it is now "floating" on top of the Hot List Page or I can drag to another monitor. Detached Pages are listed on the right-hand side as indicated below.

Detached Pages FAQs
Q: Does minimizing the main shell also minimize the detached Pages?
A: No

Q: If a detached Page is in a separate monitor and is maximized, will it maximize only to that monitor?
A: Yes

Q: Can window modes of Docked, Standard or Standard with Auto-size be applied when using detached Pages?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you have detached windows in detached Pages?
A: Yes

Q: If the main shell is minimized, how you open a new window in a detached Page?
A: Ctrl+N. This will open the New Window dialog from which the user can select the type (ie Chart, Watch List). This in addition to the regular shortcuts that are used to open new windows.


Attaching Pages

Detached Pages can be reattached either by by right-clicking on the Page tab of the detached Page and selecting Attach Page or click on the icon next to the minimize icon on the Page title bar and select Attach Page on the menu.
Reloading Pages
You can reload a Page by selecting any Reload Page on any Pages menu. A keyboard shortcut (Control+R) is also available. There may be times that you want to revert a Page the it's previously saved state. For example, if you accidently close a window, then reloading the Page will bring the window back but any changes that were made to it since it was last saved would be lost.


Renaming Pages

Pages can now be easily renamed. Attached Pages can be renamed either by double clicking on the name in their tab or by right-clicking their tab and selecting Rename from the context menu while detached Pages can be renamed by right clicking on their tab and selecting Rename in the context menu or by using the menu in the additional button of the Page's title bar. A keyboard shortcut (Control+Shift+M) is also available.


Capture Page Image...

This selection opens the Screenshot Tool window to capture an image of the Page to save, e-mail, post to File Share, etc. Click here for more information.

Print Page...

This selection opens the Print dialog box:
Backing Up Pages 
It is advisable to back up your Pages as well as the other features of the program to avoid having to manually restore them. To do a Backup, left click on the eS icon on the main menu bar and left-click on Backup...
Application Properties for Pages
The are 2 parameters that can set for Pages by selecting Options on the main menu bar, then Application Properties, and then Page.
Auto save pages on close: When selected, Pages will be saved when the program is exited.
Create and open pages in detached state: When selected, new Pages and opened Pages are in the detached state.