eSignal - Backup and Restore

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eSignal - Backup and Restore

The Backup and Restore features allows you to easily create a backup of your page along with the associated files.  This feature is also handy for transferring your files and settings to a new pc. 

The Backup function allows you to quickly save all of the following into a single file:

Bar Edits
Composite Symbols
Default Drawings for Symbols
Drawing Study Templates
Hotkeys, Toolbars, Favorites
Market Screener Plus Filters
Personal Settings
Study Collections
Style templates
Symbol Lists
Time Templates
Workspaces and Pages

Creating a Backup file is recommended to preserve all your work in the event of a system failure or other unforeseen event.  Once you have created a Backup file, it can be easily transferred to another PC by saving the file on a USB drive. You can copy the Backup file to a cloud-based solution such as eSignal File Share and access your eSignal files from anywhere!

Once you have installed and launched eSignal 12 or newer, click on the Menu Icon located in the top left on the Menu Bar and select Backup


When the Create Backup menu appears, click the button next to target to choose the location for where the file will be saved.

All the items are checked by default.  you can choose to check/uncheck certain items:
Alerts:  Alerts set on charts and watchlists.
Composite Symbols: Symbols created with the Composite Symbol Manager feature.
Drawing Tools and Study templates: Templates created for chart Drawing Tools and Studies.
EFS: The folder and subfolder containing EFS formulas and libraries.
Hotkeys, Toolbars, Favorites: Shortcut keys created in the Customize Keyboard tool. Toolbars and Favorites bar settings.
Personal Settings: Username and Password.
Settings: Connection settings such as server addresses proxy, e-mail settings, etc .
Style Templates: Style Templates of all windows.
Symbol Lists: Watchlist Symbols and Column Headings.
Time Templates: Time Templates of all windows.
Trading: Broker connection included Dictionaries and Order Defaults.
Workspaces and Pages: Workspaces with associated Pages including Studies, Lines, Text, etc.

After selecting the items you wish to back up, click the Backup button.  A file will be created in the location you specified earlier.  This file will contain the date and time that the backup was created.  Click on close once complete.

Restoring the Backup
To Restore the Backup file, click to the Menu icon and select Restore


Enter the path or select the location with the browse button for where the Backup file is located:

After selecting the Backup file, click Open and then click Yes to restart eSignal to complete the Restore process. 

Upgrading eSignal 
The eSignal installer will back up Pages during an upgrade automatically. These back up Pages can be found in:
Windows 10/11:
C:\Users\<PC Username>\AppData\Roaming\ICE eSignal\eSignal\Backup\Pages

Windows 7/Vista:
C:\Users\<PC Username>\AppData\Roaming\ICE eSignal\eSignal\Backup\Pages