eSignal - Partner Links

ICE Data Services -

The Partner Links window provides access to several of our browser-based news and fundamental data services.

To open the Partner Links window, select New on the menu bar and then click Partner Links.

Partner Links Window Toolbar

Symbol Box
Enter a symbol here to get information on a security.
Partner Links
This dropdown list allows you to easily switch to different Partner websites. 

The news related services are available as an add-on.  The following services are available via the Partners window:

Company Filings Group Power
Corporate Actions IPO Calendar
DJ News Plus Reorganizations
DJ News Plus Global Markets S&P Market Scope
Earnings Calendar

Symbol Linking Button
This feature allows you to link the Partner Links window, to other windows in your page.  Once the symbol link has been activated, a symbol change in one window will be automatically reflected in the Partner Links window.

To link the Partner Links window with another window in your page, click on the Symbol Link button icon in the Partner Links window and select a color.  Next, go to an existing window and click on the Symbol Link button icon and choose the same color. (to disable the link feature, select No Symbol Link).

Back/Forward button
Back and Forward buttons in the browser window allow you to go back to the previous resource and forward respectively.