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The Portfolio feature is built into the Watch List window. Portfolios are a convenient way to track the current value of your investment portfolio. You can track your Cash positions, Gains and Losses, %Return, and more. 


Creating a Portfolio Window
To create a Portfolio Window, first open a Watch List Window by selecting New on the main menu bar, then clicking Watch List. A keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+2) is also available.

In the headings menu, you'll find an option to select the Portfolio heading.


Next, click on the Portfolio Mode icon on the Watch List title bar:


Click Watch List on the main menu bar and select Properties or right-click anywhere in the Watch List Window and select Properties. Select Trading Defaults Connections then check Watch List Portfolio button and click Close:


Entering a New Position
To enter a new position, right-click on an existing symbol or enter a new symbol and right-click on it and select Add Position. The Edit Position dialog box will appear:


Enter the quantity of shares or contracts, the entry price per share or contract, whether the position is long or short, change the Big Point Value (if necessary). (This field is used to determine the value of the movement of one point in the price. A value is entered automatically, but you may occasionally have to change it manually.) Enter the date and time the position was entered, and the commission paid.

Select Update Cash to update your portfolio cash position based upon this new position.

Click OK to add the position to the Portfolio window.

Entering a Cash Balance 

Double left-click on the Cash Balance in the bottom left corner of the Watch List Window. The Portfolio Cash field will appear and enter the desired cash amount and press the Enter key.


Editing a Position
You can edit a portfolio position by right-clicking on symbol you want to edit and selecting Edit Position from the menu. The Edit Position dialog box will appear. Enter any changes to the position and click OK when finished.

Updating a Position
From time to time, you’ll need to update a portfolio position to correct the number of shares or contracts or the price per share or contract. Locate the symbol for the position you want to update. Right-click on the symbol and select Update Position from the right-click menu. The Update Position dialog box appears: 


Make the necessary changes and click OK when finished.

Closing a Position
When you want to completely close out a position, select the position you want to close by right-clicking on the symbol, then select Close Position from the right-click menu. The symbol will remain and the price quote will update but the portfolio information will be static and the Open PL cell will be blank.

Deleting a Position

When you want to delete a position, select the position you want to delete by right-clicking on the symbol, then select Delete Position from the right-click menu.

Note: Since a Portfolio Window is essentially a Watch List window, click here for more information on Watch List windows.