North American Indices - Listing of Packages

ICE Data Services -

To access Real Time indices, you must subscribe to the appropriate service.  Visit Account Maintenance to add any of the following services to your account:

NYSE Euronext Indices (included with NYSE Euronext)
AMEX Indices (included with AMEX)
NASDAQ Indices  (included with NASDAQ)
OPRA Indices (included with OPRA and available as a separate package)
Dow Jones Indices (standalone service for $5.00/mo for real-time and $2/mo for delayed data)
S&P Cash Indices  (standalone service for $10.00/mo)
CBOE Global Indices  (standalone service for $10.10/mo)

For those not currently subscribing to NYSE, AMEX and/or NASDAQ, we've created an optional Index Package that contains just the Indices from those three Exchanges:
North American Index Service (NANX)
(Includes NYSE Euronext, AMEX, and NASDAQ)

Free Delayed North American Indices
Please note that the Delayed North American Indices package is automatically included with your eSignal subscription (a few rare exceptions apply) at no charge. This new delayed package includes all of the Index packages listed above excluding the S&P Cash Indices, Dow Jones Indices, and Delayed TSX Indices.